The Process is simple


Choose Your Color

Vivid Wraps offers 3M and Avery Supreme Vinyl Wrap material in over 150 different colors. From metallic to matte, you can find any color you’re looking for.

2013 Scion tC Release Series 8.0 (RS 8.0)

Bring In Your Car

You can call us to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to work with you on enhancing your vehicle.


Professional Installation

Our professional and friendly installers are the best in Cincinnati with over 15 years of experience in the industry. You will not find a better team.

2013 Scion tC Release Series 8.0 (RS 8.0)

Beautiful Result

We guarantee you will be happy with the result of your vehicle wrap. We will even guarantee the material and provide a warranty on the installation.

Why Our Wraps Are Better Than Paint


Vehicle Wraps are 80% more cost effective than paint and provide many more benefits. Why choose to pay thousands on paint when you can get the same look with a wrap?


A wrap provides years of protection against mother nature, road debris and sun damage. When you remove your wrap after years of protection, your original paint will look as good as the day we installed it.

Tons of Color Options

We offer over 150 colors of vinyl wrap from the leading suppliers in the industry. Whether you want a matte finish, a gloss finish, or a metallic finish we can provide you with the look you want. Did we also mention you can have your wrap customized with any graphic you can imagine?

Increase Resale Value

A wrap is one of the best investments you can make in preserving the resale value of your vehicle. On average, a car that was protected with a wrap sold for $3,000 more than a vehicle without. If you have a vehicle you are trying to sell that has damaged paint, we can wrap it so you get the most out of the sale.


A Branded Vehicle Wrap is the easiest way to boost your company’s sales by 20%. Your company vehicles are mobile billboards and seen by thousands of people a day. Just imagine if only 2% of those drivers gave you their business, would it be worth it? We make the finest Commercial vehicle wraps Cincinnati has to offer.


We stand behind our product and our services. We offer 1 year limited warranty on the installation (excluding but not limited to specialty vinyls such as carbon fiber, brushed steel and chrome).

What We Can Do!



We can Design a new logo for your company. Or we can help Design a cooler for Dad. If thats not what you are looking we would love to help with anything you need.


Solid Color Change

Solid Color Change wraps are our specialty. We can create any graphic you want or change your car to almost any color you want.


Commercial Wraps

What do you do when the other guys can’t print large enough graphics for your Businesses vehicle? Did you know a wrap can increases business up to 20%?



Vrooom! Motor into Vivid Wraps and get your custom motorcycle wrap! Protection and Style at a great price!

RV wrap


What do you do when the other guys can’t print large enough graphics for your RV or Bus? You call Vivid Wraps of course!


Recreational Vehicles

Do you have you want to look good while out camping with the family? Set your self apart from the rest. Get a custom wrap on your Recreational vehicle today!

yard signs


Vinyl banner printing is a powerful means of delivering your brand and message. Our full-color high-quality vinyl banners are amazingly affordable, even for a single banner, giving you great value for your marketing dollars.

OTR Live Storfront

Store Front

Applying vinyl lettering, decals and banners to your storefront windows allows you to speak to customers without having to be there. It’s 24-hour marketing, 365 days per week – no matter what industry you are in! Marketing that never stops working is music to every business owner’s ears, isn’t it?

Candy Factory Vending Machines

Vending Machines

A vending machine is a remarkably common sight, and in order to keep navigating customers to your business amongst this sea of different options, you must keep your vending machine looking as sharp and presentable as possible.



Vivid Wraps is driven by passion and fueled by service. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to make sure you get the wheels you want for your vehicle. Vivid Wraps offers a wide selection of wheels, tires and wheel and tire packages.

Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

We offer a wide range of large format printing services that can accommodate your unique requirements. With high resolution, vibrant colors, durable materials, UV gloss protection, and custom finishes you can count on a professional-quality, large format piece.

Some of our recent work

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